Letter of the president - Mike Woods - 2012

Dear delegate,

Serdecznie zapraszam do Krakowa (I would like to invite you to Krakow)

On behalf of the European Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ESVO), I as its president would like to welcome you to Krakow, in Poland, for the third ESVO annual conference.

Having welcomed you in October 2011, to Prague, we wish to welcome you to Krakow, a fascinating and beautiful city.
The meeting this year is in September, 27 - 30th 2012, this is to allow as many delegates as possible to attend.
The Polish organising team are presenting, a high calibre scientific programme along with cutting edge but practical workshops, which are a feature of our annual meetings. We also offer a friendly, convivial atmosphere in which to meet your many friends from around Europe and the World.

The focus of the ESVO annual meeting is to develop a practical programme appealing to the practicing ophthalmologist. We trust that we have achieved this in Krakow.

I thank the Polish organising team led by Marta Warzecha and look forward to meeting you all in September.

Do zobaczenia w Krakowie(See you in Krakow)
With best wishes

Mike Woods
ESVO President