Wetlabs are ready for you!

Dear friends, colleagues and fellow ophthalmologists,


I am pleased to inform you about interesting part of ESVO Meeting 2017. Meeting will be held in St Petersburg, Russia, from September 7-10th, 2017.


Sunday, September 10th is booked for practical part of Conference. We are going to open 2 wet labs for you. Topic of first one is equine ophthalmology. Half day program will be given by prof. Brian Gilger DVM, MS, DACVO, DABT from North Caroline State University, US.


You can review nerve blocks, retrobulbar block, aqueocentesis, and vitreal injection. There will be the opportunity to try on horse cadaver heads and eyeballs temporary tarsorrhaphy, eyelid laceration repair, superficial, keratectomy, conjunctival pedicle graft, and enucleation. Everything will be under supervision of prof B. Gilger.


Capacity is limited, don´t miss the opportunity to register!


Second wet lab will be held in the same time, on Sunday, September 10th and will be given by dr  Doug Esson, ACVO, from Califormia, US. Topic is glaucoma surgery - gonioimplant. We have opened this wet lab last year in Toulouse and because of nice feedback and your interest was bigger than wet lab capacity, we decided to open it once more. You will have an opportunity to implant Ahmed valves and explore hot tips of glaucoma surgery.

Again, capacity is limited, don´t wait and register!


Jiri Beranek, ESVO president

Alexander Konstantinovsky, chairman of ESVO 2017 conference