President letter to members

Dear ESVO member

This is a letter from the ESVO President Mike Woods, to inform you of the next ESVO annual meeting.

It was announced at our last annual meeting in Krakow, Poland that we would meet again in Barcelona, Spain where the ESVO hoped to join our colleagues in the ECVO who were hosting their meeting in May 2013.

It has proven very difficult to make this happen, as the ECVO felt very restrained by the protocols which they adopt for each annual meeting.

Sadly, it has become impractical for the ESVO to go to Barcelona.

For example, it would not have been possible for the ESVO to hold any part of its meeting in the same centre where the ECVO were holding their meeting while the ECVO conference was in session. This was not permitted within the protocols of the ECVO

So the ESVO has decided to go to Bucharest, Romania in mid October 2013.

We will host two workshops, a continuing education day, a hereditary eye disease session, state of the art lectures and abstract + poster sessions (which will be printed in Veterinary Ophthalmology). One of the main topics will be Feline Ophthalmology, with Kerry Ketring. We hope to give you the full details of the meeting within the next two weeks.

We will e mail information directly to you all and it will also be present on the ESVO website. A new website is about to open shortly.

I invite you all to Romania where we hope to have another scientific and friendly meeting with a continuation of the ESVO workshop series.

A very happy New Year to you all

Mike Woods ESVO President